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Ben Jacquier is a creative thought leader who constantly delivers high-quality results for his clients, traits that he has honed through years of experience working in the music & entertainment industry as

a respected Composer and Sound Designer.


Ben’s genuine purpose in life is to combine sight with strong cinematic sound design for a unified experience to elevate and evoke emotional connections through his work. He operates at the intersection of creativity and innovation, blending technology and audio mediums to transcend his

work into new paradigms.


Throughout his career, Ben has had the fortune to work with many amazing independent artists, musicians, producers, directors and production agencies from around the world. As an artist and director himself, Ben has built a strong reputation for designing sound to picture at every stage of the creative process; from pitching initial concepts to clients, to working with production teams and agencies on award winning films and documentaries.


Independent filmmakers, production and creative agencies wanting to collaborate with a forward-looking Sound Designer are encouraged to view his work to discover more:



Instagram: @benjacquier

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